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"You Will Get More Clients, More Bookings, & More Brand Exposure in The First Month!"

I Am A Serial Entrepreneur

With Proven Growth Techniques

Grow Your Business Today With My Proven Money Generating Systems! 

I Work For You, I Invest In You! I Am A Real Business Owner Who's Made A Replicateable Business Plan That Works Time & Time Again.


One-on-One Private Coaching in:


Social Media Management, Lead Generation, SEO, Hashtag, & Keyword Optimization, Instagram & Facebook Growth, Yelp & Google Marketing, Logo Design, Web Design, Audio, Video, & Photo Content Creation, Video & Audio Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Competitor Analytics, Budget Consultation, Click Funnel Creation, Email & Text Message Marketing, Ad Retargeting, Google My Business & Yelp Management, Facebook Pixel Management, Demographic & Niche Optimization, Client Avatar Creation, Advertising, Copywriting, & Bookkeeping.

Six-Figure Companies I Own 

All Orginal UX Design, Logo, Marketing, & Branding

Upfront Pricing

  • Complimentary 15-Minute Call To Address Any Questions or Concerns

  • In-Person, Over The Phone, or Zoom

    50 US dollars
  • Eight Fully Committed Hours Dedicated To Your Company

    379 US dollars


What Can I Expect From Your Services?


We build user-intuitive content that drives customer loyalty, repeat purchases, word-of-mouth lead generation, and positive Social Proof. Plus, we track your digital analytics to help your company identify effective digital touchpoints, which give us an overall view of your Customer Acquisition Cost. Conclusively, we measure the effectiveness of your company, brand, & develop marketing campaigns that grow your business.

How Do I Track Your Hours?

Every week, we send you a detailed spreadsheet with timestamps for each project. You'll see the project name, time & date, a short description of what was done, and overall time used. 

What Happens Immediately After I Book?

You get an immediate email confirmation of the time & date you chose for your consultation call.

What Should I Have Ready Prior To My Scheduled Call?

Any and all questions concerning your business. 

What Will We Be Talking About?

In this full hour, we will go over ALL of your ideas, goals, problems, & overall expectations of our digital marketing service. Plus, we will develop a step-by-step marketing strategy plan that we will launch immediately after.

Is there a contract?

Nope! You can cancel at any time. We make life easier for businesses by keeping our payment structure recurring, so to cancel just make sure you call our direct line to Cancel your subscription. If you would like to cancel immediately, you can send a text through your account manager. Otherwise, our digital marketing team will manage your account until the time you paid for has run its course.

Will I gain REAL high quality targeted customers?

Yes! We DO NOT fake analytics! We also do not bring fake leads to your accounts. We pride ourselves in bringing true results to your page and business. This means that REAL, TARGETED and ORGANIC people, NO BOTS, will interact with your Business. This is one of the reasons that our digital marketing agency is considered a premier Management Service.

What kind of results can I expect to see?

We can not guarantee the number of sales you will close, however judging on our extremely successful history, your account will see a significant increase in leads and engagement within just 1 week of using our service. We do suggest our clients use our services for 6 months in order to see a comprehensive forecast in where their business is headed. 

Along with guaranteed engagement and organic growth, you will see lead generation grow as well. This is huge to any account whether you're a photographer, restaurant, barber, musician, online marketer, business owner, eCommerce store etc. You need people interested in you in order to grow as a Business. We will bring hundreds of new connections into your inbox monthly allowing you a new avenue for monetization.

What can I do to increase my business?

Here are some extra things you can do to help increase your Brand Awareness:

1. Target your ideal audience. This is crucial to your success. If the customers you are targeting are your ideal customers, they will be much more likely to call, engage and buy from you.

2. Post clear, high-quality content on Social Media that people will enjoy sharing & looking at.

3. Have a clear and concise business structure, website, & customer surface call center.

4. Use a clear and visually appealing URL. (ex., NOT

5. Make sure your Social Media Pages are in-line with what your brand, business, and niche is. If you are an eCommerce store selling women's clothing, don't make your page about sporting equipment.  

Can I upgrade what plan I am on?

Yes of course! Just shoot an email or text over to your account manager and we will make sure you are upgraded to the right digital marketing service plan you want to be on!

Do You Have A Refund Policy?

Your 1-Hour Consultation Call is Non-Refundable, And That's why you will NEVER PAY FULL-PRICE for the Package you're interested in Until We Come To A Legitimate Agreement! We suggest booking a FREE Consultation Call to see if we make a good fit.

How long should I expect to wait to have my account setup once I provide my information and payment?

Once you have sent in all of your account information and successfully paid or registered for your consultation call, we take over from there. We do require account validation so please make sure to provide a working email and phone number when signing up. 

It should never take more than 24 hours to email or text "your payment received" confirmation.


We're here to answer questions, 24/7.

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