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Dior: Sauvage

"What once was a unique 'beast mode fragrance' has become the modern 'basic man scent.' You no longer impress anybody with this choice. At least, that's what the community expects you to believe. The Eau de Parfum does something different than the Original Eau de Toilette, the underdog that smells Mature, Refined, & Masculine. Not to be confused with the Elixir or Parfum, Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum is the best choice for Men who want the Sauvage DNA without smelling like the majority of men. Either way, the gentleman wearing these fragrances is undoubtedly a fuqboy; the EDT will better express a loud extroversion personality while the EDP will show a more introverted maturity." - Victor Alvia

🥇 10/10

💵 $104 / $128

☀ All Season • Day/Night Fragrance

📸 Shot on Galaxy S21 Ultra

🖤 by @victor_alvia

Buy it here: Dior Sauvage

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