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3 Ways To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking.
How To Talk To People With Confidence
How do you talk to people with confidence? You first have to figure out what you're afraid of.

What exactly is holding you back from using the voice that you actually have? Who in your lifetime told you to shut up? Who in your lifetime told you to be quiet? Or who in your lifetime told you everything you're saying is just 'boring'? Once you can identify that point in your life, you can start finding a solution (a way out) because I know it must've been a specific moment in your life where you did something (or said something) that got you in trouble - and it stopped you from being able to speak with confidence.

Once you've figured out that specific moment, then you can start working on it. Here are a couple of tricks (it's more of a mindset) that I use when speaking to people.

1. Don't overthink it.

The more we think about what we are saying (and how we are not trying to offend somebody) the more afraid we are of saying something wrong. To get rid of that fear, you just have to open your mouth and speak. Yes, at first we will sound awkward, and we might even slip up and say a couple of curse words, but that's fine! If that's your personality, that's exactly who you are - Your personality should never be filtered.

2. Practice.

When I was learning how to speak Spanish, I would sometimes practice phrases, so when that moment came, I knew exactly how to phrase it. In that same mindset, always be ready to have an answer. So whenever you respond (or whenever you get the opportunity to talk), it wouldn't be that difficult to answer, because you've already practiced it. Keep in mind, actors and actresses practice their lines all the time, yet they sound natural when we watch them. Therefore, the more you practice your phrases, the more natural you will sound.

3. Do Something Radical.

When I became a server, I just threw myself in there and began to talk to people without even thinking about what I was saying. Sure, I was stumbling over my words (and I probably seemed like a nutcase), but I was still able to figure it out. When I joined the second city for stand-up comedy, I was in front of random people with a microphone and a loudspeaker trying to make people laugh. I'm not saying you have to join a comedy club or become a server to build confidence, what I'm trying to say is - do something that will make you feel uncomfortable. If talking on the phone or speaking on an Xbox headset makes you comfortable, you have to do the exact opposite of that.

Record your voice when you're driving to work (or by yourself in a private setting) and play it back over and over again. That actually helps you develop your technique and skill when talking to someone. There's a couple of apps that you can download like Snapchat and Instagram to help you practice these techniques, but I've still met people who use these applications and are still socially awkward. The only way to really change your mindset is to start talking to everyone. Pretend everyone's your best friend. Try this: the next time you go to the store and get to the cashier, start a random conversation. Make it awkward as fuck! Compliment them. Say things like, "Hey, how are you doing?". Ask them how their day is going and what they plan on doing over the weekend. Doing this over and over again, on a real-life basis, will make you feel way more confident when talking to someone. The more times you talk to people, the easier it becomes.

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