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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

How Do You Define Success?
How To Talk To People With Confidence
How do you measure success? Success = Passion + Knowledge + Humility + Failure - Ego - Quitting - Excuses - Laziness x Investment x Patience x Action x 10

On October 8, 2019, I walked into my office and I wrote this formula on the whiteboard. This formula is a collective from the mouths of multiple self-made business owners that I've interviewed on my podcast show. It seems as if we all have the same ingredients, the same essentials, and the same mindset. Here is the breakdown of each equation:

Passion +

Without Passion, all of this is pointless. Passion is about having a Vision and doing anything possible to make that vision come to life. You're not worried about haters, naysayers, or anyone else's opinion of you; You're emotionally, mentally, and physically attached to this desire. Passion = Unconditional Love in What You Do.

Knowledge +

You don't need a college degree or Ph.D. in something to be the Master at something. What you need is a complete immersion in your niche; you need to submit to it. Yes, college does help, but we live in a generation where information is in the very device you are holding. Squeeze the fruit of knowledge found on YouTube, Google, and the Internet. Find Online courses that will jump-start your skillset. Don't stay stuck in this equation. To be an expert, you need to be one step ahead of your client. Becoming an expert isn't a long process. Whenever you feel discouraged or undervalued, remember this: To be an expert, you need to be one step ahead of your client.

Humility +

Humility is how you will be valued. You give everything, take nothing, and watch the abundance pour in. Somebody who is humble is willing to learn. They open themselves to education, research, and life lessons. Humility isn't close-minded. The best advice across the board among every successful person I have interviewed said this: Work for free until you've managed to build a reputation. That reputation will equal your value. That value is how you price yourself.

Failure +

As of today, I can officially say that the term "failure is not an option" is wrong. Quitting is not an option; failure is necessary. How can you make corrections if you've never made a mistake? Failure teaches you how to rebuild, how to reformat, & how to reposition yourself for success.

Ego -

There are two types of Artists. One that paints for themselves and desires validation for their masterpiece. The other paints for their clients because their happiness is more important. All of us are guilty of wanting credit for our work, but success isn't egotistical. Letting go of your ego allows you to serve others and connect with whomever emotionally.

Quitting -

Successful people don't quit. Quitting is forever; failure is temporary. So many people confuse this, and it is not the same thing - They are opposites of each other. Quitting is staying down for the count, while failure is getting back up. Once you've quit, the game is over, you've thrown in the towel. Failure, on the other hand, allows you to restart and respawn from your current position. If your vision is to become a millionaire and you shut down a business, that's not quitting, it's dropping your ego to accept failure. The sooner you realize this, the faster you will find a solution. There's always another way.

Excuses -

Unsuccessful people waste more time finding excuses than finding solutions. They are constantly blaming other people and finding reasons why it will never work. This irresponsible mentality will take you down faster than anything else. It's toxic. People with this mindset say things like, "I didn't achieve this because of that, I thought about this first before anyone else." And on and on goes the vicious cycle of excuses for why they are unable to execute. Drop the bullsh*t excuses and start taking responsibility.

Laziness -

99% of the people who gave up never took the first step. They expect a high reward with little to no effort. Nowhere, in the history of ever, has that been true. You either waste 6-Hours catching up with your shows or use those 6-hours to educate yourself. Success requires action.

Investment x

Multiply everything we've covered so far and put it into yourself. If you're not willing to invest in anything, success is just not possible. It's ok to have some fear, but it's not ok to invest in it. I believe it was Warren Buffet that said 'investing in yourself is the best investment.' That's because banks can take your assets, but no one can take your knowledge. Double down on self-improvement, keep working on yourself. What about saving? When you start making enough cash flow, don't save to spend, save to invest. Only invest in something that will guarantee a 10% return.

Patience x

Give it time to breathe. Wind increases oxygen, which results in fire burning faster. It's the pause that creates tension, the space that creates anticipation. We're too busy trying to force the money tree to grow, but trees don't grow that fast. Not having enough patience will convince you to quit before anything grows.

Action x

Doing nothing is an action, not to be mistaken by laziness. Laziness is acting like a sloth. If you truly want to be successful, you need to take action. Action that pushes you forward not backward. Take the initiative. Make the move. Take several steps to the top, and when there are no more steps to climb, take the leap of faith. The higher the risk, the greater the reward.

10 x

Ten times the effort, ten times the production, equals ten times the result! This is the punctuation of every sentence. 10x Your Passion, 10x Your Knowledge, 10x Your Humility, 10x Your Failure, 10x Getting Rid of Your Ego, 10x Getting Rid of Excuses, 10x Getting Rid of Your Laziness, 10x In Your Investment, 10x In Your Patience, 10x The Action! With this formula, success is inevitable.

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