The True Story About 5 Relationships. 69 Partners.

2 Marriages. 2 Kids. 3 Abortions. & 1 Divorce.

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"Dating Without God"

Will Reveal The Deepest Darkest Secrets Behind Every Relationship...

For The Protection & Privacy Of The People In This Book,

I've Mentioned No Names.


I Call It "The 50-Shades of Self-Help."

My Wife Calls It, "Sex and The City, But From A Guy's Point-of-View."


After Reading This Book, You Will Find Clarity, Awareness, & More Confidence in Your Relationships. You Will Learn How To Meet, Socialize, Date, Sleep With, & Eventually Be With The Person Of Your Dreams.


This Book Will Help You Understand The Various Mindsets That Exist In Every Relationship. You Will Understand Why Someone Rejects You, Neglects You, Plays With You, & Even Go As Far As Abusing You.


After Reading This Book, You Will Be Able To Identify A Toxic Partner & Learn How To Exit A Toxic Relationship. You Will Learn How To Defeat Narcissistic Partners & Find True Happiness!


This Book Will Give You A New Life By Removing The Shame You've Put On Yourself & By Others. This Book Will Give You The Confidence You Need To Find True Love!

— Victor Alvia


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